Good Morning.

Good Morning, and Thanks For Being Here. Why Don’t You Stay A While?

So What’s This All About?

This is to serve as a sort of resource for those of “us” who travel often, and will hopefully serve as a source of inspiration- or perhaps a means of escape- for those who aspire to travel often, but may not have had the chance.

People always tell me that I have crazy stories about my life in travel, and they’ve been telling me that I need to start a blog and (hopefully) publish them someday. That’s the first reason why I’ve put this together. I’ve also been blessed to have spent the majority of the last 5 years or so working in and out of the major cities in Europe, so I have a wealth of information that I may never use again if or when I decide to settle back into the daily grind in the USA, and it’s only right to share it with people who may need it. That’s the other reason I’ve put this together. Hopefully, this can be used as an outlet for others to share this type of information as well.

For the record, I am by no means a travel elitist, to me the United States is completely underrated as a travel destination, and is the one place I would like to explore more before it’s all said and done. Travelling abroad makes you appreciate the diversity and beauty of the United States, and only makes you want to explore it more. There is a misconception that Europeans look down on travelling in America, and I’ve found that to be mostly untrue- Europeans want to visit Miami, Vegas, LA, New York and other places as much as anyone else does. In fact, Americans seem to be the ones who look down on travelling in America more than the rest of the world. So don’t be surprised to find information about, say, Biloxi, Baton Rouge, or Boston mixed in with info about Brussels, Bangkok or Bali.

With that, I say peace to you, and I hope you enjoy! -Ed.